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My Reality

Written by on 04/03/2020

My Reality :

Each Month, we’re planning to invite local people from Wolverhampton, from the Taxi Driver to the Business Owner, from the Nurse to the Dentist and many more, to be our guest on what we call ‘My Reality‘.

It’s sort of a ‘reality‘ show where guests can talk about their lives, their work / business and much more keeping it light, interesting and informative for our growing listening audience.

How It Works :

It will be a one-hour ‘off-air’ recording where you can talk on ‘agreed‘ subjects, it will be a light discussion, nothing contentious or deeply personal. They can discuss their lives, their ambitions, their ‘ups and their downs’ and where they see themselves today and in the future.

During the programme, they will be asked to select a track from their playlist that reflects their lives and the reasons for their choice. Excerpts from their playlist are played or, in the case of short pieces, the whole track.

And, at the end of the programme they choose the one track they regard most highly, a reflection of their lives living in Wolverhampton.

What Happens Next :

Once the recording has taken place, it will then be edited / mixed down in which each track from the guest’s chosen playlist, will be integrated between each discussion point.  Once completed, it will be provided to the guest for both approval and consent to feature on FAB Radio.

Broadcasting :

Upon the guest’s approval, we will then schedule the item to play at a scheduled time where it will be streamed to our listening audience.  In addition, it will be added to our Podcast Archive for people to listen too on-demand.

Apply To ‘My Reality’ :

Would you like to feature on My Reality‘?

Remember, it’s not ‘live’ so you will have complete control over the whole process and ultimately decide to allow us to broadcast it. And if not, we will give you the final version regardless for your own memory box!

It’s easy to apply, just go here and we’ll contact you (in the strictest confidence) to discuss your participation in ‘My Reality‘! 🙂

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