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Corona Virus

Dear Listener,

Much like you, at FAB Radio, we’re keeping our fingers on the pulse of developments surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

Yes, it’s a scary time for us all but if we each play our part during this time in “acting responsibly”, we’ll get through this

It’s truly heartening to see that local Communities are proactively rising in supporting one another, especially the elderly and those in need of help and support.

“Where there is heart, there is always hope…”

We know many people and businesses are struggling to cope and are finding the transition to working remotely difficult and self-isolating difficult.

So we’ve studied the issue carefully and would like to outline measures we think should help :

  • Given the fact that many are now “self-isolating” and working from home, make sure you’re ready for it by mapping out a contingency plan to avoid personal and work-related consequences.
  • Get ready to self isolate and/or work remotely, prepare your family, your home, your business.
  • Get your kids ready for e-learning / remote teaching – make sure you keep them educationally active such as what their current studies levels are at, keeping them in the loop / informed so they don’t fall behind  – We recommend : https://www.SwiftTutors.co.uk.
  • Plan and prepare especially for the elderly within your family for change in terms of keeping them and yourself safe!

Rest assured that FAB Radio will remain up and running 24/7 as we adjust to the new reality of having to now run our businesses remotely.  We’ve seen a slight decline in categories like advertising, but this is being compensated for by an increase in other categories such as “Mentions”.

One thing is absolutely certain: whenever we have any information we think may be useful to you in managing the crisis, we’ll share it with you immediately.

Latest News / Developments :

For supporting and up-to-date information about Covid-19 read the “FACTS” and “IGNORE” social media comments / gossip – WHO | World Health Organization

Please take care of yourselves and your loved ones as by doing so, we’ll all get through this together and be better and stronger for it!

On behalf of the whole FAB Radio Team

Take Care!